The EasyFill "key, "capsule", and the key with capsule. The EasyFill “key, “capsule”, and the key with capsule.


The new EasyFill® system is a brand new concept in reusable and refillable inking systems for EPSON desktop printers that use either Claria or Durabrite inks. EasyFill offers improvements by separating the wet components from the electronic components. The new system combines easily replaceable ink capsules with keys that are inserted into the printer where cartridges are normally installed.

The new EasyFill capsule, because it is universal, can be shared amongst any printer using the EasyFill semi-permanent key that fits the ink capsule. Sets of keys are available for wide ranges of EPSON desktop printers allowing shared ink resources as well as increased productivity by sharing hardware resources. For example, the same 68-77-79 ink capsule fits into EasyFill 77, 79, and 99 keys allowing one source of ink to be shared amongst 18 different printer models.

  • 77 Keys fit: EPSON Artisan 50 and EPSON Photo R260, R280, R380, RX580, RX595,RX680  printers
  • 79 Keys fit:  EPSON Artisan R140o, 1430 printers (USA models)
  • 99 Keys fit: EPSON Artisan 700, 710, 725, 730, 800, 800, 810, 835, 837 printers

The keys have attached chips that auto-reset when a capsule is exhausted. Capsules are easily exchanged.

Vermont PhotoInkjet is offering pre-filled ink capsules with the new InkThrift CL dye ink which replicates the Claria color space and offers similar fade-resistance. InkThrift DB is a 100% pigment ink for use in EPSON DuraBrite printers.

The system is very easy to use. If you select to use pre-filled ink capsules, they are easily inserted into the key. The vent tab is pulled prior to inserting into the printer. When the ink supply is exhausted you can either refill the ink capsule or replace with a new one.  If you have used a supply of ink and allowed the capsule to exhaust – when you remove the key and fit another ink capsule in it – the chip on the key will reset to full. There is no need for a chip resetter as long as you allow each capsule to exhaust. The printer will tell you when its time to replace a capsule.

EasyFill instructions


EasyFill is the ultimate ReUse inking system. Empty capsules (we call them My Capsules) are available for users who wish to reclaim ink from “empty” EPSON cartridges. For example, an 80ml EPSON 3800 or 3880 cartridge still contains 15ml or more usable ink when it reads “empty”. This ink can be easily extracted and filled into EasyFill capsules. Using color management, users can print with EPSON pigment inks in their EPSON dye printers. Likewise, a defective EPSON cartridge can be repaired by emptying the contents and filling an empty capsule for use with the keys.  My Capsules are  perfect for those who wish to experiment with inks in their EPSON desktop printers.

Repair a faulty cartridge or reclaim ink. Repair a faulty cartridge or reclaim ink.

To reclaim ink, you just need 1) fit a slip tip leur syringe deeply into the ink outlet port on an Epson cartridge, 2) tilt at a slight angle, and draw out the remaining ink. It is easier with a full syringe to place a blunt tip needle on it for filling into the capsule. 3) Remove the silicone plug from the fill hole and 4) gently push the ink into the capsule with the syringe. 5) Put the silicone plug back into the fill hole. 6) Fit the filled capsule into the key starting at the top by angling it in and then 7) squeezing the two parts together. When you are ready to print, 8) remove the vent tab before inserting into the printer.