Screenprint Inks

UV45-700-LVermont PhotoInkjet formulates UV45™ for printing inkjet screenprint film positives. This is most UV absorbing ink on the market today.

When used as an all black ink solution in combination with screenprint software RIPs such as AccuRip, FastRIP,  FilmMaker, PowerRip, and QuickRip, UV45 can produce a UV density of 4.5 or greater.  A density that dark is considered to be overkill for all of the sensitizers used in photo silkscreen. But, the greater an ink’s UV density means more ink economy when outputting inkjet film. Dial back the ink to just produce enough UV blocking to burn silkscreens properly and save on your ink costs. Reducing ink load can further increase sharpness of dot.

UV45 is formulated using a proprietary UVA-coupled black dye ink molecule in an aqueous solution that includes a proprietary co-polymer that prevents bleed and spread. It is designed to print razor sharp and dry quickly to a scratch resistant surface. You can use it with equal success in 4, 6, 8, and 10 ink channel printers. It is compatible with both Epson dye print heads and Epson pigment print heads.

UV45 is available in bulk for Private Label Branding. It can be bottled with your company’s artwork using a VPI distinctive bottle or a plain bottle. It is also available in Private Label large format cartridges for Epson printers.

UV45 is available now under the VPI Brand of MaskInk™ at InkjetMall in the USA.