Black and White Large Format Master Print Workshop

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Black & White Master Print Class

Product Type: Workshop
Brand: Cone Editions
Available Workshop Dates: May 9-12, 2022

Please Note: In-Person Class Schedules may be Subject to Change Due to Covid19 in 2022.

This workshop is for photographers who are well experienced with the basic workflows of digital photography through to fine digital print, or with wet lab processes. It is not appropriate for a novice to the digital medium.

You must have skills in place concerning editing your images so that you can employ them. We do not intend to teach imaging technique per se, although given the nature of the workshop it is entirely possible that you will be exposed to a wide variety of techniques. You should be skilled enough in imaging to adapt. 

We will be printing in larger formats using the Piezography black & white printing system. You do not need to have prior knowledge of the Piezography system in the same way you need to have experience in Lightroom or better yet, Photoshop.

This workshop is a contemplative printing workshop. It is not an instructive workshop, but rather one in which participants will learn how to make master prints from their own images by printing, contemplating, and considering intervention, direction and suggestions to re-proof again and again and again - until the results reflect the intentions of the participant. These intentions may not be initially identifiable in the same way that the image's content may be, but the intentions that aesthetically support an image are the intentions which the workshop will concern itself with.

The workshop is a group workshop in which we expect everyone to participate in the viewing and contemplation of each other's work. Whereas you are not required to take suggestions or to offer criticisms, it is the spirit of this type of collaboration amongst attendees that will foster the greatest potential for your growth. The workshop will be led by Jon and Cathy Cone who will poke and prod even as they will have their own unique suggestive impulses. There are no rules to making master prints.

The goal is to get each participant to recognize what is working, what is distracting, what is complimenting, what is interfering and this is both a meditative and intellectual process.

We assume that the content in the work being fixed can be supported by mastering the making of the print. The exercise of divorcing one's self from the content in favor of the expression of that content is the goal. When one applies this type of printmaking mastery to one's content - the results speak for themselves.

Were I\one to make the best print I/one could, nothing would stand out of place nor call attention to itself so that the truth of the content can be communicated without distraction. These type of prints are often "heard" or "felt". They become transcendent. They do not come easy, which is why mastery does not come easy.

This workshop provides the participant with the foundation to work on their own, even as it is a group experience.

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