What is EasyFill®? Version 1.0 May 24, 2013 – revise Sept 25, 2018

Coming Soon
We’re running a beta program for the new (sub $300) 13″ Epson XP-15000 printer in multi-channel black ink mode with pre-filled UV•45 hybrid black dye ink for printing silkscreen separations on film. Our own printer driver is being used.  We’re hearing that this may be the sharpest printing film printer ever! It has the smallest dot size (1.5 picoliter) of any Epson printer model.  Private Label available! More news Q4.


Instructions for EasyFill chip frames and ink tanks

We invented this ink delivery system in 2012 for digital negative film printing. It has become one of the most popular ink supply systems for silk screen printing film separations. It is our exclusive product which we make available under Private Labels. It’s now available under our UV45 Brand.  The UV45 ink tank will fit all of the available systems being sold under brands such as InkjetMall’s EasyFill®, Ryonet’s Black Max, PROOF POSITIVE, and All Black ink Systems for the 1400/1430.

This short instruction shows how easy it is to use. A chip resetter is “optional”. Our chips are designed to automatically reset when an ink tank is empty and replaced with a full one. Bulk quantity ink tanks are available for Private Label. Smaller quantities available under the UV45 brand. Please contact us.

EasyFill inks for Epson Claria printers

What is EasyFill?

EasyFill inks for Epson Claria printers

The EasyFill® system by Vermont PhotoInkjet is a brand new concept in low waste inking systems for EPSON desktop printers that use Claria inks.

EasyFill offers improvements by separating the wet components from the electronic components.

The new system combines easily replaceable ink tanks with chip frames that are inserted into the printer where cartridges are normally installed. The chip frame is semi-permanent (meaning lasts a long time but can be removed) and the chip auto resets when an ink tank runs empty.

the easyfill capsuleShare one ink supply among many printers
The new EasyFill tank, because it is universal, can be shared amongst any printer using the EasyFill semi-permanent chip frame that fits the ink tank. Sets of chip frames are available for wide ranges of EPSON desktop printers allowing shared ink resources as well as increased productivity by sharing hardware resources. For example, the same ink tank fits into EasyFill 77, 79, and 99 chiop frames allowing one source of ink to be shared amongst 18 different printer models.


  • 77 chip frames fit EPSON Artisan 50 and EPSON Photo R260, R280, R380, RX580, RX595, RX680 printers
  • 79 chip frames fit EPSON Artisan R1400, 1430 printers (USA models)
  • 99 chip frames fit EPSON Artisan 700, 710, 725, 730, 800, 800, 810, 835, 837 printers

Ink tanks are easily exchanged. One set of ink tanks will fit the entire range of 77, 79, 99 Claria model printers.


Pre-filled Ink Tanks
Vermont PhotoInkjet has been Private Labeling this product since 2013  for distributors who want to market their own brand. Options include color matching dye or pigment inks, and a multi-channel black ink which has been extremely popular for  those who print silkscreen film separations.

All black inks for Epson Claria printers

EasyFill inks for Epson Claria printers



Since 2013, a defect rate of less than 1/3 of 1% has been reported by our Private Label distributors. This is well below industry standards for inkjet cartridges.

Easy to Use
The system is very easy to use. Pre-filled ink tanks are easily inserted into the chip frame. The vent tab is pulled prior to inserting into the printer. When the ink tank is exhausted you replace it with a new one.

When you remove the chip frame from the printer and fit another ink tank into it, the chip on the frame will automatically reset to full when it is reinserted into the printer. There is no need for a chip resetter as long as you allow each tank to exhaust. The printer will tell you when its time to replace a tank. An optional chip resetter is available for those who prefer to reset their chips manually.


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