Piezography® inks

This is the industry’s only true monochromatic ink system that includes shades of black in combination with special media profiles. Vermont PhotoInkjet develops both the ink and proprietary profiling application used to make the media profiles.

We manufacture 43 different Piezography inks that we sell exclusively at InkjetMall in the USA and through our authorized International distributors and resellers.



The Piezography K7 formulation is our first encapsulated ink product, and is the first third-party ink that can compare with an OEM ink in regards to print-head performance. However, Piezography inks far exceed the capabilities of the OEM and is a premium priced product as a result of the technology and innovation that goes into this system.

Piezography inks are available in several tones that imitate traditional black & white photo chemistry including the popular air-dried, fiber-based silver print that has been selenium toned and a warm platinum printing out process. There is an achromatic version for those who wish to achieve neutrality. The sepia version of Piezography ink is currently the most fade-resistant inkjet ink made by any company including Canon, Epson and HP.

In 2017, we introduced Piezography Pro inks for poly-monochromatic printing!

A website devoted to Piezography can be found here.

  • Piezography Neutral K7 up to seven shades
  • Piezography Warm Neutral K7 up to seven shades (glossy compatible version available)
  • Piezography Carbon K7 up to seven shades
  • Piezography Selenium K7 up to seven shades (glossy compatible version available)
  • Piezography Special Edition up to seven shades
  • Piezography Pro in up to 11 shades
Piezography is an USA & EU Registered Trademark of Cone Editions Press, Ltd.