Vermont Photo Inkjet LLC manufactures more than 70 different inks under 5 separate Brands that are distributed in the USA by InkjetMall. InkThrift and UV•45 are available as Private Label.

Forget about what you heard about third-party inks . . . . that was then, this is now.

Vermont PhotoInkjet produces some of the most advanced ink formulations in the world today. Our product family includes Piezography®, ConeColor®, PiezoFlush®, InkThrift®, and UV•45™.

Clogging? Not us. We are one of only a few companies in the world that encapsulate the actual pigment particle. We join Epson and HP in creating static-free pigment particles that can not agglomerate and will not clog your print heads. No other third party ink company can accomplish this.

Low quality? Maybe in the past, but not today. Vermont PhotoInkjet produces one of the highest standard inks in the entire industry. Our Piezography® K7 is a premium formulation that is priced higher than Epson and performs significantly better than Epson’s ABW system.

Fades quickly? No! We use pure pigment in our “archival” ink sets. Piezography Carbon ink formulations are currently one of the most fade-resistant inks in the world according to the Aardenburg Imaging Archives.

Poor print quality? Not on your life… Many of our formulations print demonstrably better than the OEM. In fact, the Piezography K7 system can print finer detail and higher resolution when fitted to an Epson printer, than can Epson with its own system of inks and profiles.

Smears and blobs? We’ve read some of those descriptions, too. And we would not want to print with ink that smears and blobs. We’re founded by the world’s first digital printmaker, Jon Cone. We’re not just an ink company – we’re also digital print gurus. We make ink that we print with, and we print for some of the most prestigious museums in the world.

Typical? Ours most certainly are not. While we do manufacture inks that are comparable to the OEM, we also produce specialty inks that are not sold by the OEM. These include dye based inks for Epson PRO pigment printers, pigment based inks for Epson dye printers. A little flip-flop never hurt a printer when our inks are involved. We also produce a wide variety of film based inks for continuous-tone negative/positive, as well as fully opaque inks for silkscreen positives in both UV dye and opaque pigment. So trust your next project to us – and we welcome challenging ink projects.