JonCone Studio® inks

JonCone Studio Custom InkThis is a unique product line. The inks are developed by Master Printer Jon Cone in his own studio in response to special projects. A unique printmaking methodology is included. Here are few examples of these projects.

Vermont PhotoInkjet developed the eleven ink set and its accompanying grand-format printmaking methodology for photographer Gregory Colbert’s monumental sized Ashes and Snow exhibition prints in Santa Monica (2006), Tokyo (2007), and Mexico City (2008). This 100% pigment ink set produced a variable hue, triple split tone, and could produce a 1.42 dMax on uncoated cotton/kozo handmade paper.

We make Piezography Special Edition inks in homage to the Ashes and Snow ink system. Piezography Special Edition is a triple split tone ink blend that replicates traditional platinum printing out process. A unique QuadTone RIP curves architecture was designed in conjunction with the special blending of inks, to be the first public release of a JonCone Studio custom inks product.

JonCone Studio inks and the accompanying printmaking methodology were produced for Richard Avedon’s last living portfolio, In Memory of the Late Mr & Mrs Comfort, a Fable in 24 Episodes.

Please contact us to find out how you can commission JonCone Studio inks for your next project.