Our Green Philosophy

We provide reusable ink cartridges and sustainable inking systems for all of our products because we believe that a high-technology company needs to contribute a solution to preserving the Earth rather than being part of the problem. Our ink products are non-toxic. Our encapsulation method differs sharply from the encapsulation methods of the OEM’s (Epson & HP encapsulate their pigment.) We’re doing everything we can, including responsible manufacturing and fulfillment practices, so that we can serve as a model in protecting the environment when ink jet printing.

There are several sources of estimates on the amount of printer cartridges being discarded into landfill each year. Some sources put that figure at more than 650 million printer cartridges in the USA and around the world, with 450 million being discarded in the USA alone. It is not difficult to estimate the impact on our environment when this amount of material which is purchased, is simply thrown away.

The manufacturer expects the user to buy small amounts of ink in plastic cartridges, use the ink, and throw the cartridges away. Yet, there is no technically convincing argument that ReUse or refilling is impossible from a business point of view – other than it opens the ink market to competition. If we choose a business model that involves consuming as much as possible in order to make as much profit as possible, we consciously turn on our backs on sustainability of this Earth. Yet, if we focus on the ecology, we consciously turn towards models of sustainability of our businesses as well as the Earth.

Being green is a universal concept. Every individual can have the choice of leaving a small footprint on this Earth if they are given the correct choice of products, or if they choose the correct products.