Say hello to our product family

Vermont PhotoInkjet ProductsWe produce a variety of high-standard ink products for Epson® and other brands of printers that use Epson piezo print-heads (like Roland, Mutoh, Mimaki) under our own Brand names which are sold exclusively in the USA at InkjetMall. We also sell our inks to a network of resellers and distributors in Asia, Australasia, Europe, South America, Mexico and Canada most of which private label under their own Brands. We also manufacture inks on spec for other ink companies who are need of particular expertise.

Our most recognized product family is Piezography®, a specialty ink, now in its forth generation, that has been setting the standard in fine black & white printing since 2000.

ConeColor® is our unique “color-managed during formulation” replacement ink for Epson Ultrachrome inks.

Our clean, flush, and storage solution is called PiezoFlush® and is strong enough and safe enough to be used for all three operations.

We will custom formulate inks for special projects, as well as produce printmaking solutions using these inks. This is our JonCone Studio line of custom inks.

Ink•Thrift® professional dye based inks are designed for Epson large format printers, some of the Epson photo printers, and also Epson business class printers. These inks produce results on par with the OEM but are 1/10th cost of OEM inks.

UV•45 is the highest standard UV blocking ink for silkscreen inkjet film positives. We successfully coupled an ultraviolet absorber with a dye molecule. This is not your average film ink! Ultra high UV density means lower ink costs and sharper dot.

We also produce a several inks which we wholesale to others under their own brand names.