For most third party ink companies, a flush fluid is a simple task. They take clear ink base and package it. We set out on a different mission.

Our goal was to create a solution that was strong enough to clean dried print heads and yet safe enough to use as a long-term storage solution in the same print heads.

Because we produce Piezography inks which have seven shades and are often used in printers with eight or more ink positions, we needed to supply an eighth “ink”. Because the eighth ink is not actually printed, it needed to have some unique properties that would allow it to remain in a large format or desktop printer potentially for a year or more.

PiezoFlush is that solution. We stained it pink with some dye so that users could actually see it when it is printed during nozzle check tests.

Right now, PiezoFlush is saving EPSON 4900, 7900, 9900, 7890, and 9890 printers that are experiencing permanently clogged print heads. A huge success rate – with cartridges and flushing fluid provided at Inkjetmall.com