Our dye technology

Vermont PhotoInkjet is known for its top performing encapsulated pigment ink formulas. We also employ molecular encapsulation in our dye formulations. Most consumers know dye as being soluble, and that it might seem impossible to encapsulate dye molecules in a housing of resin. The technology is difficult but not impossible. Vermont PhotoInkjet dye molecules are encapsulated in resin to achieve better brilliance and better longevity.

Salt-free dye, purified up to 99.5%, and deionized water are used to prevent corrosion of sensitive nozzles. With excellent anti-foaming properties, Vermont PhotoInkjet dye inks print smooth and are reliable even over extended printing lengths in fast moving heads.

You might notice that we produce dye inks for printer models associated with OEM pigment inks, as well as replacement dye inks for dye printers. We offer an alternative dye ink for pigment printers when greater brilliance and higher levels of gloss are required than pigment ink can give. Vermont PhotoInkjet dye inks are highly light stable and have good water resistance. They may be a superior alternative for your pigment printer if the inks meet your requirements. They are outstanding replacement inks for your dye printers.

Dye inks for Epson printers