InkThrift ink

It is hard to imagine in a world in which higher and higher fade resistance ratings are delivered month after month, that a high-tech ink company like Vermont PhotoInkjet would develop a dye based product, or a secondary color pigment product. Well, we are and the reasons are quite simple.

We manufacture 18 economically priced dye inks and four economically priced pigment inks that we sell exclusively at InkjetMall in the USA and our authorized International distributors and resellers. It is available for Private Label Branding.

Low Costs

Pigment inks, especially high-tech pigment inks, are very expensive for us to make and for customers to buy. The simple reality is that many users of expensive inkjet printers do not actually require expensive pigment ink because they produce short-life graphics. The 11 color InkThrift PRO dye ink is 1/10 the cost of Epson pigment ink. In this type of economy, it is wise to be frugal with materials if the application supports using a dye based solution. InkThrift PRO can dramatically reduce your square foot printing costs while providing print head performance, the likes of which you may have never experienced before. Our other InkThrift inks are also economical to run in their corresponding printers.

Significantly Better Gloss than Epson Ultrachrome and HDR

Most short life graphics are unnecessarily printed with pigments, when InkThrift PRO dye ink would be sufficient and actually quite superior for many applications. In fact, if you need to produce short-term glossy photographs, trade show graphics, or posters we can absolutely knock your socks off with glossiness. InkThrift PRO inks deliver a glossiness that Epson pigment inks cannot. Pigment is a solid material that must compete against the glossiness of the paper it is printed on. InkThrift PRO not only produces significantly better glossiness, but it achieves higher dMax, and is far less prone to metamerism.


Short-life graphics do not need to last three years outdoors or over 100 years indoors. Typical short-term graphics are printed for temporary display in trade shows, for presentations, for head shots, for menus, flyers, for books and catalogues, posters for dormitory rooms, signage, hand outs and scrapbooks. Short-term graphics rarely need to be displayed outdoors for more than three months, or displayed indoors for more than 30 years. Many in fact, need only last a few days, weeks or months for a presentation or trade show. Pigment is totally over-qualified for short-term graphics. If you need to display artwork or photography indoors for a few decades, InkThrift PRO is now an option for your work. If your work is destined to be exhibited in a museum, Ink•Thrift is 100% archival and can have better longevity than C-print and Ilfachrome in these conditions.

For those requiring longevity on par with EPSON Claria ink, we offer the six color InkThrift CL ink is more expensive than InkThrift PRO and has significantly greater fade resistance. For those seeking a 4 color pigment solution for EPSON business inkjet printers, we offer InkThrift DB pigment ink that has a single layer of encapsulation to make it economical and yet printhead friendly.


InkThrift is a highly reliable jetting solution that can operate without clogging print heads. InkThrift can also be jetted at extremely high speed. InkThrift inks have an incredibly long shelf life.

Ink Technology

InkThrift is a breakthrough in technology that allows us to offer strong dye formulations and reliable color pigment inks for use in printers that do not require the highest standard solutions such as ConeColor and Piezography.