Our pigment technology

We formulate and manufacture exceptionally good pigment formulas that rank among the best in the world.

The secret to delivering a clog-free formulation is to prevent pigment particles from attracting each other and forming clumps. Vermont PhotoInkjet’s proprietary method of encapsulating pigment particles with a micro-thin layer of acrylic co-polymer insulates the static charge of the pigment particle. By eliminating the electrical charge, our pigment particles can not attract each other and form clumps. Our inks have a reputation for being non-clogging. We filter our ink five times by osmosis. Our competition realizes how expensive this process is for such limited gains. But, it greatly narrows the distribution band of particle sizes. It’s a small price to pay to have a superior product.

Ink and Art, perception by the senses and beauty

Our pigment inks are metamerism-free. Piezography inks have one of the narrowest distribution bands on the market today and this directly results in its superior light reflection qualities. How Piezography ink reflects light is a unique concern to our company. Piezography carbon-pigment inks are considered to be the finest black & white inkjet inks manufactured today. No other company in the world produces a system as specialized and as sophisticated as the Piezography photographic ink set systems. Great ink chemistry permits creativity. We make great inks.

ConeColor PRO is our flagship color pigment formula designed for fine art and photographic printing using the Epson RGB printer driver and its associated ICC profiles and OEM recommended workflow. Clog-free like all our pigment inks, its encapsulated formula is easy on print heads and durable in regards to lightfastness.

But, we’re not all about beauty. Vermont PhotoInkjet formulations can be printed reliably at high-speeds. The inks can be left unattended in the print head for as long as the OEM. Our encapsulation process also ensures a waterproof result and gives our inks a very long and stable shelf-life of at least two years from date of manufacture. Ink left unattended only needs gentle shaking to return it to suspension.

Private Label pigment inks

InkThrift DB is our flagship business inkjet solution for Epson business inkjet printers. Four colors of fast drying, smudge proof, clog-resistant inks for Workforce and other Durabrite® compatible printers. And its one of the ink sets we offer for Private Label.

Special Projects

Let us know if you would like to source your next ink project from us. We manufacture for others.