ConeColor® PRO inks

This is another industry unique formulation concept. Responsibility for color management of the ink was taken by Vermont PhotoInkjet during formulation by matching the characteristics of EPSON Ultrachrome inks during printing through the EPSON recommended workflow.

We manufacture 13 different ConeColor inks that we sell exclusively at InkjetMall in the USA and through our authorized International distributors and resellers.

The alternative was to try and match the proprietary pigments thatEPSON utilizes. These pigments have differing mass-tone and under-tone making an exact match impossible without access to the same pigments which are unavailable outside the OEM.

However, the EPSON printer driver does not utilize the mass tone of the pigment when printing and the color gamut can be recreated. Customers of ConeColor comment that it is the only ink that faithfully recreates the EPSON color gamut when used with EPSON ICC profiles.

ConeColor K3 for Epson 3800, 4800, 7800, 9800

ConeColor K3 Vivid for Epson 2880, R3000, 3880, 4880, 7700, 7880, 7890, 9700, 9880, 9890

ConeColor HDR for Epson 4900, 7900, 9900

ConeColor HDX for Epson SureColor printers