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InkThrift DB inks are designed for office and workforce printers that use Epson DURABrite inks. InkThrift DB has been designed to print hundreds and hundreds of documents at a time at high speed and produce quality prints that dry quickly, are fade resistant, scratch resistant, and water resistant.

Small Format Refillable Cartridges and Filling SyringesRefillable CartsUnlike InkThrift PRO and InkThrift CL which are both dye based inks, InkThrift DB is a 100% pigment formula made to the same high standards as ConeColor PRO and Piezography inks. Like our two flagship inks, InkThrift DB is made using an encapsulated pigment particle which prevents clogging by eliminating the static charge of the pigment. Unlike ordinary pigment inks, InkThrift DB can not clump together because of static attraction. This ink has been tested for two years prior to release. While Vermont PhotoInkjet produces inks that are used in printers to produce some of the world's most important photographic and fine art exhibitions, this is an ink that has to work flawlessly at much higher rates of production. It is not uncommon for a business or workforce printer to be used 8 hours per day non-stop printing 100s and 100s of color documents.

DB is field tested and ready for the task! Fully compatible. No flushing required. Change one ink position at a time! InkThrift DB is a high-standard alternative pigment ink for those who are interested in:

  • wanting similar color, scratch resistance, and fade resistance of Epson DURAbrite inks, while saving 72% or more of the costs.

  • using earth-friendly, sustainable, REUSABLE, inking systems.

We do not sell cartridges for Epson business printers, but there are numerous sources of empty refillable cartridges. What we do provide is a very high standard encapsulated pigment ink.