Piezography from Beginner to Advanced

Piezography from Beginner to Advanced

COMING SOON! This course will introduce you to the Piezography monochrome ink system. It will take you from complete beginner all the way to advanced level. There are some requirements for this course. 1. You need a MacOS operating system. This system is really needed for proper tonal management of Piezography. 2. You will need a Piezography ink set and printer (the core of Piezography. 3. You will need some decent fine are inkjet paper! Are you unsure where to start? Don't worry, take a look at our free intro video on this course to find out where to start.

Intro to the Hardware

We talk about the various printers that support a Piezography.
Getting Started with Piezography
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Intro to the Hardware
We talk about the various printers that support a Piezography.
Intro to the System
This is an introduction of the entire Piezography system: what it is, why it is, and how to navigate the terms associated with it.
Intro to the Inks
We talk about the 6 major inks that make up the Piezography ink family. There are 5 classic inks: Selenium, Neutral, Warm Neutral, Carbon, Special Edition and one new ink: Pro.
Intro to the Software
We talk about the software requirements surrounding Piezography.
Installation and Setup
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Installing Inks
Overview on how to install inks + where to find the ink install instructions for your specific setup.
Installing and Setting Up Software
Overview of the required Software installations on MacOS + the best way to set it up!
Hooking Printer and Initializing the QTR install Command
We discuss how to find the correct .quad curves for your particular printer and ink set and workflow needs and then how to install those curves so you can print with them!
Imaging for Piezography
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Soft Proofing and Advanced Shadow Control
We talk about the Linear Workflow and how to do advanced shadow masking.
Grayscale Input & Management
A brief overview on handling grayscale source image data either from scans or from raw files.
Curves and Masks in Photoshop
Walker's 32 minute curves & masks lecture, eg: Everything you needed to know about basic image adjustments that nobody every told you.
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Basic Print Workflow Intro
After you have a successful install and setup of Piezography, and have edited your image with the linear workflow (soft proofing in photoshop), this section goes through the basic printing workflow from Print-Tool.
Printing from Photoshop
How to print with ICC profiles from Photoshop.
Printing from Lightroom
How to print from Lightroom (either with ICC profiles or Linear).
Calibrating Piezography: PPEv2 Required
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Linearizing Piezography
When you “linearize” Piezography, you are making all of the printed tones from dark-to-light line up with each-other equidistantly. This enables a true and fine-tuned match from the screen to the print and is the secret to Piezography’s enduring strength in the fine-art world.
Room, Brain, and Print Calibration
How to condition your eyeballs, brain, and room for a good monitor -> print -> monitor workflow.
ICC Profiles
We discuss using and building ICC profiles for the Piezography workflow.
Advanced Techniques
We go over some of the fancy stuff like building curves for uncoated papers, custom input tuning, and smoothing the ink channels!